Big Rocks Blueprint:

1st Responder

Providing comprehensive nutrition coaching, to cultivate health and fitness, amplifyi resilience and vitality. The result? A continuous ability to excel as both a devoted family member and a dedicated first responder.

100 Day 1:1 Nutrition Coaching Programs

Be Fit for Life!

You put everyone else first at work all day responding from call to call. When you get home, it's hard to turn it off and return to normal. You start eating like crap, drinking loads of energy drinks / coffee, maybe you are using tobacco and drinking daily is normal / more than you'd like even though you directly see the negative effects of alcohol on people throughout every shift.

Next thing you know, you look like you've aged a decade, and you've become overweight and unhealthy looking. You don't even recognize yourself. You hardly look intimitating and maybe your partner is wondering if you physically have what it takes to have their back.

This blueprint is designed to help you get fit again as we work together to reclaim your physical health and support your body to handle the stresses of the job without tracking, excessive exercise, and food restrictions.

Choose your blueprint.

Program Options

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Fit to Serve: Big Rocks Blueprint - 1st Reponder

This 1st responder program focuses on the Big Rocks needed to increase resilience and vitality so that you can continue to be a healthy, fit & engaged family member and 1st responder.

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Forks of Consistency - 1st Responder

This 1st responder program incorporates the big rocks with 100 days of continued focus on incoporating consistency & dialing in nutrition and mindset. You can start with this program if you are all in, or you can start with Fit to Serve: Big Rocks Blueprint for a more grandual transition through your journey.

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The Ascend Blueprint

Continued coaching with this month to month program so that you can continue to meet your goals with accountability. We continue to focus on the foundational habits with nutrition consistency.

What's included in your Program

There is never a good time to start. There will always be a vacation, a holiday, stressful family time, busy work project, you name it. The Big Rocks program will focus on learning how to use the volume dial to navigate these times so that you can support your health in order to manage your stress, and still enjoy activities in the process.

Weekly check-in's with me

Access to custom program through my coaching app

Customizable strategic meal plans and resources through app

Access to me via app messaging for questions at any time

Body Body Comp Assessmentet

Habit & progress tracking


Why should you do this program?

Because quick fixes do not work. Detoxes, fad diets, restrictive eating, including counting macros, do not work. I will not sell you products to achieve your goals, I want to teach people how consistently focusing on the big rocks using a volume dial is what matters for long term results.

Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone wanting to reach body, health, habit, and/or mindset goals using a flexible, approach to nutrition with the guidance, support, and accountability of a certified health coach.

When can we start the program?

Now is as good a time to start as any day because with this program you will learn how to plan around life. I always start programs on a Monday with pre-loaded program info on days leading up to the start date so you feel ready to rock.

How does the payment work?

You will pay for the first month to start the program and then you will be billed 2 additional bills monthly thereafter. You may choose to continue with monthly coaching after.

What if 100 days is not enough?

100 days will give you a great start. You can continue with 1:1 coaching on a month to month plan that can be cancelled at any time after this is over. Many people work with a coach for 6 months to a year. It just depends upon your personal journey and what you prefer.

I'm scared. I don't know if I have the motivation or willpower to succeed.

No ones does. You have to align your habits and actions to achieve the goals you want. Once you start feeling better and seeing results, you will become more motivated to continue living a healthy lifestyle.

I've failed so many times. How can I make sure I'm successful?

First, chances are you were guessing and not knowing what you actually need to do to get long term results. Second, doing the same thing and failing over and over, will not help you in the long run.

With guided coaching, I will be there with you through your journey so that you can learn how to navigate life and still achieve your goals.

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Precision Nutrition 1 Certified

Women's Coaching Specialist2

Menopause Coaching Specialist (GGS)

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

About Me

As the wife of a long time LEO, I have seen how the job can rob you of your health and vitailty. Early in his career, after working 3rd shift for only a couple of years, I saw my husband get sick with a significant autoimmune disease. He didn't seek medical care until he failed his routine shooting test at work and that's when he realized something was seriously wrong. Coincidently, I was also diagnosed around the same time with a similar autoimmune disease.

Once we learned we both had the ability to heal our autoimmunity and use basic diet and other lifestyle factors to look and feel our best, we prioritized ourselves. These basic diet and lifestyle factors are critical for any 1st responder to help manage the stress of the daily grind, so that you can stay in it for the long game, and continue to show up for your home and work families.



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